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Maintenance mode & access restriction
Maintenance mode & access restriction
Learn how to put your site into maintenance mode and define who can access to your online store by specific IP addresses
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What is maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode refers to a feature that allows website owners to make changes to their online store without affecting the live version. This mode indicates that the site is undergoing construction, updates, or improvements, and serves as a way to test new features and designs without disrupting the customer experience.

During maintenance mode, the site is not accessible to customers, providing the owner with an opportunity to work on their store without losing business. The maintenance mode is a convenient and risk-free solution for online store owners to make updates and improvements to their site before they are made live.

Maintenance mode use cases:

  • When the impact of changes on the live online store is uncertain

  • When the timing of making the online store live again is unclear

  • For testing new features and design modifications

  • When you want to delete or pause your Uvodo store

What is store access restriction?

Store access restriction refers to the ability to control who can access your website while it is in maintenance mode. This feature can be used to limit access to specific individuals or groups, such as employees, while the site is undergoing updates, improvements, or other changes.

Store access restriction is often used in conjunction with maintenance mode to ensure that changes can be made to the site without disrupting the customer experience.

Uvodo allows you to restrict who can access to your storefront - online store.

How to put your online store into maintenance mode and restrict access?

  1. Log in to your Uvodo admin panel

  2. Navigate to the Settings β†’ General β†’ Maintenance mode

  3. Here, tick the "Close Storefront for maintenance" box to enable the maintenance mode.
    After enabling the maintenance mode for your online store, you can give an access to specific IP addresses.

  4. After ticking the box, write down your IP address and the IP address(es) you want to give an access to your storefront to the input box.

You and the specified IP address(es) can access your storefront.

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