Creating shipping rules

Learn how to set up shipping, create rules (zones & rates) for specific countries and products

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Shipping overview

Shipping is the process of transporting goods or products from one location to another.

Defining shipping procedure is an important for businesses to manage the logistics and delivery process.

The shipping procedure is specified by merchants and they are set up on a shipping rule basis which include shipping zones and rates. With the shipping rules, the seller specifies which countries they will ship to and at which rate.

Shipping can be done by various carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others which are determined by the merchants. The shipping costs depend on the carrier, the distance, the size, and the weight of the package.

Shipping Setup

By default, merchants will have a predefined shipping setup with Shipping from and Shipping to.

  • Shipping from. Uvodo will use the store's location that's added on the signup process. If merchants want to change the location where they will ship the products from ("Shipping from"), they can adjust or change the address from:

Settings Locations


Settings Shipping Shipping from

  • Shipping to. As a default setting, merchants are provided with two "Shipping to" rules:
    1. Home country (in which the store's location added on the signup process, and predefined free shipping).

    2. Worldwide (this includes all the countries with predefined $5).

If merchants need to modify the addresses to which their products will be shipped ("Shipping to"), they can do so easily by accessing the shipping zone and making necessary adjustments:

Settings Shipping Shipping to

❗️Currently, only one "Shipping from" setup is available. If a seller has a location from which they ship products, it will be necessary for them to adjust the location of their warehouse on the locations settings.

❗️It's important that merchants adjust the predefined shipping rules and rates according to meet their specific requirements.

Shipping rules

A shipping rule consists of defined zones and rates that determine the shipping destinations where products can be shipped and the associated costs for each location.

Shipping zones

Shipping zones refer to the geographical regions where merchants offer shipping services for their products.

Shipping rates

Shipping rates are the available delivery options and associated costs for each defined shipping zone. Merchants can customize their rates to offer customers a variety of options such as free, standard, or premium shipping.

Shipping rates includes two rules, which are optional to set:

  1. Based on item weight - the shipping rate is calculated based on the weight of the item being shipped.

  2. Based on item price - the shipping rate is calculated based on the price of the item being shipped.

Once the rule for the shipping rate is chosen, merchants can set minimum/maximum weight/price for items being shipped (optional).

Create a shipping rule

Merchants can create as many shipping rules as needed where the shipping is available.

To create a shipping rule follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Settings Shipping

  • Click on the "Create shipping rule"

  • On the opened page, select countries or zones from the dropdown menu.

  • You can also exclude/include some countries within the zones.

  • Once created, you need to create a shipping rate.

If no rate is created for a shipping rule, customers won't be able to complete the checkout.

Create a shipping rate

To calculate the shipping costs, shipping rate is created by a merchant for a country or a group of countries where the shipping is available.

Merchants can create as many shipping rates as needed for one shipping rule.

To create a shipping rate follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Settings Shipping

  • Click on the shipping rule you want to create shipping rate for.

  • Scroll down to the Shipping rate section and click on the "Create shipping rate"

  • Here, write down the Name and Price for the rate.

  • Setting the rule for the rate is optional (based on price or based on weight).

Free shipping

If merchants want to offer free shipping, they need to set the price to 0 when creating a shipping rate.

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