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General store settings
General store settings

Edit or update your store details

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General settings can be found in

Settings General

online store settings

Store name, email, description

Settings General Store name, email, description

Here, you can update your store name, contact email and store description.

Store description is displayed at the footer area of your Uvodo store.

change online store details

Store address

Settings General Address

Your store address appears in your invoices.

change online store address

Timezone, currency, units of measurement

Settings General Timezone, currency, units of measurement

This information is used to calculate product prices, shipping weights, order times, shipping rates at checkout and label prices during fulfillment.

change online store timezone, currency, units of measurement


Settings General Account

Here, you can edit your admin dashboard profile and change your email.

To update your email address, click on the Change email hyperlink.

admin dashboard account settings

Here, write down your new address and password. You should receive a verification email.

admin dashboard account settings


Settings General Language

You can change both admin dashboard and storefront language.

change online store language

Social profiles

Settings General Social profiles

add social media to online store storefront

Maintenance mode & Store access restriction

Settings General Maintenance mode

Here, tick the box to enable the maintenance mode.

Online store maintenance mode

After enabling the maintenance mode for your online store, you can give an access to specific IP addresses.

After ticking the box, write down the IP address(es) you want to give an access to your storefront to the input box:

Online store maintenance mode
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