Creating product collections
Learn how to create collections and organize your store products
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Product collections overview

A product collection refers to a set of products that share some characteristics.

The product collections serve as a means of organizing products on your website in a systematic and user-friendly manner.

By creating collections, you can organize your products into logical categories that shoppers can easily navigate. This feature is especially helpful when customers are looking for something specific or want to explore a particular type of product.

Additionally, collections can be used as a marketing tool to promote your newest or most popular items.

Creating a product collection

Creating product collections is easy and straightforward process:

Product collections can be found at Products โ†’ Collections from the left menu on admin panel.

  • On the "Collections" page, click on the "Create collection" button from the top right of the page.

  • Here, write down the Collection Title.

  • Writing Description is optional.

  • Next, add an image for the Collection's cover photo. 1080x1080 (1:1) recommended with the max size 2MB. You can also add image from URL.

  • Then, set the collection's status as published if you want the collection to be lived immediately. Collection status can be found from the right side of the page.

Done! Collection type is currently set as "Manual" by default. It means that, you should add products to this collection one-by-one.

Adding meta title, meta description tag, and URL handle to collection page

To optimize your product collection page for search engines:

  1. Scroll down the page

  2. Click on the "Edit SEO" button

  3. Write down the Title tag (the title that appears on the search results) to the Page title input box. For the best practice, add the main keyword and keep the title shorter than the 70 characters.

  4. Next, add Meta description tag (the short description appear on the search results) to the Description input box. Though the meta description tag doesn't directly appear the ranking, it's recommended to write an appealing description with the keywords to increase the clicks to your page. For the best practice, keep the length of the description under 320 characters.

  5. Add a clear and readable slug to the URL handle section.

For the best practice:

  1. Keep the slug short (under 70 characters overall)

  2. Remove special characters

  3. Remove numbers

  4. Remove superfluous information

  5. Add main keyword

  6. Make it readable

  7. Make it lowercase

  8. Replace spaces with hyphens

You can see how the collection page will appear on the search result from the Search engine listing preview section.

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