Local pickup

Learn how to set up self-pickup for local selling

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What is local pickup?

Local pickup or self-pickup is an option for online orders that allows buyers to pick up their orders.

"Self-pickup," also known as local pickup, presents a convenient choice for online shoppers to collect their orders.

Merchants have the flexibility to either assign a cost to this option or offer it free of charge. The price for the self-pickup is set by the merchants or it can be free.

When enabled, self pickup option will be appear on the checkout page.

Upon receiving an order and confirming the product's availability, you can indicate its readiness for pickup. If the order is ready to be picked up, you should mark it as "ready for pickup" from the Orders → Order.

Once the order has been retrieved by the customer, remember to update its status to "Picked Up."

Set up the local pickup option

To enable the local pickup option:

  1. Log in to your Uvodo admin panel.

  2. Head to the Settings → Shipping.

  3. Click on the location under the Local pickup section.

  4. Here, you can turn on the toggle to enable the local pickup for this location.

This stage also allows you to include any pertinent instructions related to the pickup process.

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