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Learn what's Sell via Link, and how to create a payment link to sell products & services.

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What is Sell via Link?

"Sell via Link" is Uvodo's one of sales channels.

Sell via Link allows online sellers to create a payment link for a product or service to offer quick checkout to their customers.

You can share the link anywhere (SMS, email, social media, etc.) to get paid for your product or service.

If you want your Sell via Link storefront be the primary landing page for your domain, navigate to the Settings → Homepage display.

Here, select the Sell via Link channel from the dropdown menu.

How payments are processing?

You receive the payments though Uvodo's native payment gateway - Uvodo Pay.

When you receive the payment with the Sell via Link, the earnings are loaded to your Uvodo Wallet with the 'pending' status.

After 30 days, once the dispute allowance period is over, the money is moved from 'pending' to 'available'.

You can create a virtual Uvodo Card to spend your collected payments.

If you've already created the Uvodo Card, you can spend your available Wallet balance with the card right away.

A small fee which is charged upon calculating the total order value and collected when the order is placed. Read more about Sell via Link fees.

Generating quick payment links via "Sell via Link"

Creating payment links for product and service is easy and straightforward process.

Before you begin, make sure you don't use "Sell via Link" for prohibited products & services.

To generate a payment link:

  1. On the admin panel, click on the "Sell via Link" under Sales channels section from the left side of the menu.

  2. Next, click on the "Create a Link" button from the upper right.

  3. On this page, select whether your good "Service" or "Product".

    • Upon ticking the Product option, you will select a product from the dropdown menu.

  4. If you're creating a payment link for a service, add your service details like title, description, images, prices.

You can also limit the number of purchases from the Settings section that's located on the right side of the page. For this, turn on the toggle and write down the number of maximum purchases.


Uvodo, by default, excludes Value Added Tax (VAT) from transactions.

Note: Please note that Uvodo cannot, and do not give tax advice to online sellers. It's important for online sellers to be aware of their tax obligations and regulations in the regions where they operate.

The responsibility for recording and managing taxes lies only with the individual sellers. Customer is solely responsible for any sales/use taxes, even if not collected by Uvodo.

When utilizing "Sell via Link", you are solely responsible for accurately recording your sales, calculating taxes if required, and fulfilling any tax payment requirements.

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