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Learn what's Sell via Link, and how to create a payment link to sell products & services.

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What is Sell via Link?

"Sell via Link" is one of the selling features of Uvodo that allows you to create a payment link for product or service and accept payments with Uvodo Payments.

You can share the link anywhere (SMS, email, social media, etc.) to get paid for your product or service.

sell products via payment links

Generating quick payment links

Creating payment links for product and service is easy and straightforward process.

To generate a payment link:

  1. On the admin panel, click on the "Sell via Link" under Sales channels section from the left side of the menu.

  2. Next, click on the "Create a Link" button from the upper right.

  3. On this page, select whether your good "Service" or "Product".

    • Upon ticking the Product option, you will select a product from the dropdown menu.

  4. If you're creating a payment link for a service, add your service details like title, description, images, prices.

You can also limit the number of purchases from the Settings section that's located on the right side of the page. For this, turn on the toggle and write down the number of maximum purchases.

Before you begin, make sure you don't utilize Uvodo Payments for prohibited products & services.

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