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Getting paid with "Sell via Link"
Getting paid with "Sell via Link"

How to accept payments with "Sell via Link"?

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To start accepting payments with "Sell via Link", you don't need to set up anything. While using "Sell via Link" sales channel Uvodo provides its own payment system which is a Uvodo Pay. Uvodo Pay is a native payment solution designed to facilitate payment acceptance without the necessity of third-party gateways or creating a bank account.

Customers can make payments utilizing a variety of credit and debit cards that have a CVV number.

Uvodo conducts all transactions in United States dollars (USD).

You can see all the transactions made through Sell via Link from the:

Uvodo admin panel โ†’ Wallet

And, you can view the orders from the:

Uvodo admin panel โ†’ Orders

What's Uvodo Wallet?

Uvodo Wallet refers to the total amount of funds that you have accumulated from customers who have purchased your products or services through the Sell via Link channel sale.

You can access your Uvodo Wallet through the Uvodo admin panel. Wallet provides you with an overview of your transactions, sales, and the funds that have been credited to your account.

Here, you can see the 'Available' and 'Pending' funds. All the transactions immediately appear on the Pending section. After 30 days, once the dispute allowance period is over, the money is moved from 'Pending' to 'Available'.

A dispute allowance period refer to a designated timeframe during which disputes or disagreements related to a transaction is valid.

If you have created a virtual Uvodo Card, the available balance will immediately be available in your card for business purposes.

You can add the Uvodo Card to your digital wallet or make the online transactions where Visa cards are accepted.

At checkout

Uvodo allows you to sell your products and services in the currency of your choice.

You can select the currency you want to show in the storefront from:

Settings โ†’ General โ†’ Standards and formats

Uvodo conducts all transactions in United States dollars (USD).

Even though we showcase your products in various currencies from our selection, the final charge to your customers is in USD. We achieve this by utilizing up-to-the-minute, mid-market exchange rates to translate purchases into USD for processing.

Please note that no supplementary fees are applied for this currency conversion.

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