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Prohibited products & services
Prohibited products & services

Learn more about which products & services are prohibited to sell at Uvodo

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Before you start selling via Uvodo, make sure your business category and offerings are not prohibited.

Eligibility to sell with Uvodo

To be eligible as a Uvodo merchants, you must meet the following criteria:

Prohibited Products and Services

1. Illegal Goods and Services:

  • Illegal drugs, substances designed to mimic them, and drug-making equipment.

  • Services offering fake references or forged identification.

  • Telecommunications manipulation tools, including jamming devices.

  • Businesses promoting or engaging in unlawful violence or discrimination based on various characteristics.

  • Products or services violating local laws.

2. Intellectual Property Infringement:

  • Unauthorized sale or distribution of copyrighted materials.

  • Counterfeit goods and illegally imported/exported items.

  • Unauthorized sale of branded products or services.

  • Actions facilitating or directly infringing on third-party intellectual property rights.

3. Deceptive or Unfair Practices:

  • Pyramid schemes and deceptive investment opportunities.

  • False "get rich quick" schemes.

  • Valueless services without added benefits.

  • Reselling government offerings without permission.

  • Sale of online traffic or engagement.

  • Negative response marketing and telemarketing.

  • Predatory mortgage, lending, credit repair, and investment services.

  • Unsubstantiated incentives as purchase inducements.

  • Various unfair, deceptive, or predatory businesses.

4. Adult Content and Services:

  • Pornography and explicit content.

  • Adult services including prostitution and live chats.

  • Adult video stores and entertainment venues.

  • Online dating services.

5. Certain Legal Services:

  • Law firms collecting funds for non-legal purposes.

  • Bankruptcy attorneys and bail bonds.

6. Firearms, Explosives, and Hazardous Materials:

  • Guns, ammunition, explosives, and dangerous substances.

  • Toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials.

7. Gambling:

  • Games of chance, including gambling and internet gambling.

  • Games of skill with monetary prizes.

  • Sports forecasting with prizes.

  • Lotteries and bidding fee auctions.

8. Marijuana:

  • Cannabis products, dispensaries, and related businesses.

9. Misuse of Uvodo:

  • Providing false or misleading information.

  • Processing for undisclosed merchants or products.

  • Using Uvodo mainly as a virtual terminal.

  • Transactions without actual goods/services.

  • Evasion of chargeback monitoring.

  • Unauthorized sharing of cardholder information.

  • Cross-border acquiring without permission.

  • Unauthorized use of Uvodo intellectual property.

This comprehensive list enumerates the products and services that Uvodo prohibits due to legal, ethical, and operational considerations.

Additional Jurisdiction-Specific Prohibitions

Hong Kong

  • Marketing lead generation services

  • Unregistered charities


  • Alcohol

  • Charities

  • Dating and matchmaking services

  • Lobby groups, political organizations

  • Mining and oil drilling

  • Religious organizations

  • Sex toys

  • Soliciting donations or fund contributions


  • Animals

  • C2C services outside of Stripe Connect

  • Donations to individuals

  • Fundraising for or financing businesses that are listed as prohibited/restricted above

  • Health instruments

  • Industrial waste disposal and garbage disposal devices; water purifiers

  • International marriage brokerage businesses


  • Sex toys


  • Adoption agencies

  • Credit card and identity theft protection services

  • Cross-border currency exchange services

  • Debt collection agencies

  • Direct marketing- travel

  • Electronic cigarettes for card-not-present transactions

  • Ephedrine

  • Game console modification devices

  • HCG weight loss

  • Investment services

  • Penny auctions

  • Pharmaceuticals wholesale for card-not-present transactions

  • Search engine optimization

  • Telemedicine

  • Tobacco for card-not-present transactions


  • Marketing lead generation services

  • Sale of ads for any products or services deemed illegal in Singapore; sales of products that facilitate payments to any of these products or services

  • Sex toys


  • Psychic services and fortune tellers

  • Unregistered charities

  • Vehicle sales

  • Vitamins

  • Historical artifacts

  • Dating services

  • Surrogacy services

  • Online alcohol sales

  • Timeshares

  • Private investigators, protection services and detective agencies

  • Soliciting donations or fund contributions

United Arab Emirates

  • Historical artifacts, ivory products, prison-made products

  • Sex toys

United States

  • Extended warranties and subscriptions over one year

  • Sex toys

  • Unregistered charities

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