Payout & Withdrawal methods
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What are the payout & withdrawal methods at Uvodo?

A payout involves transferring money from your Uvodo Balance to the account of a user or recipient. This process occurs after you have accepted payments for goods or services on the through Uvodo Payments and withdraw the earned funds.

You can effortlessly withdraw your accepted payments directly from your available Uvodo Balance.

As you accept payments through Uvodo Payments, the funds are loaded to into your Uvodo Wallet.

Funds are initially placed in the "Upcoming" section in the Wallet, where they are held for 30 days. After the holding period, your money automatically transitions to the "Available" section, enabling you to effortlessly pay out funds.

To access your Uvodo Wallet, navigate to Dashboard → Finance → Wallet.

Payout methods at Uvodo

Payouts can be made through various methods, such as bank or card transfers.

Payout methods at Uvodo include:

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