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Uvodo Payments tax management

Uvodo, by default, excludes Value Added Tax (VAT) from transactions.

In the majority of instances, the income you generate through Uvodo Payments is liable to income tax and should be declared just like income from any other origins. At present, Uvodo lacks the integrated capabilities to incorporate sales tax or value-added tax into transactions. For this, it falls upon you to compute and submit any relevant sales tax or VAT on your sales until we introduce these tools.

It is advisable to acquaint yourself with the tax regulations applicable in your country with regard to income. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be required to declare the income you've earned through our features and report it in accordance with those regulations.

The Uvodo Payments functions as a direct payment platform, wherein customers make payments directly to sellers' accounts. Given this setup, Uvodo does not undertake the collection and submission of sales tax or value-added tax (VAT) on behalf of the sellers. It is your responsibility to assess whether you should register, impose, and remit sales tax or VAT in accordance with your unique situation and location.

You might have to declare the income you've received through our platform and report it as necessary.

Note: Please note that Uvodo cannot, and do not give tax advice to online sellers. It's important for online sellers to be aware of their tax obligations and regulations in the regions where they operate.

The responsibility for recording and managing taxes lies only with the individual sellers. Customer is solely responsible for any sales/use taxes, even if not collected by Uvodo.

When utilizing Uvodo Payments and "Sell via Link", you are solely responsible for accurately recording your sales, calculating taxes if required, and fulfilling any tax payment requirements.

Taxes on donations

It is widely known that donations are generally considered taxable income. If you receive donations, it's your duty as the recipient to report this income and meet any applicable income tax requirements in your jurisdiction.

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