Uvodo Wallet

What is Uvodo Wallet?

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What's Uvodo Wallet?

Uvodo Wallet refers to the total amount of funds that you have accumulated from Uvodo Payments.

You can access your Uvodo Wallet through the Uvodo admin panel (Finance → Wallet). Wallet provides you with an overview of your transactions, sales, and the funds that have been credited to your account.

'Available' and 'Upcoming' Balance

In your Wallet, you can see the 'Available' and 'Upcoming' funds. All the transactions immediately appear on the 'Upcoming' section before they are moved to the 'Available' section after the holding period ends.

If you have created a virtual Uvodo Card, the available balance will immediately be available in your card for business purposes.

You can either add the Uvodo Card to your digital wallet and make the online transactions where Visa cards are accepted, or pay out the collected funds to your local bank account.

Holding period

Accepted payments are subject to a mandatory holding period, typically 30 days. This precautionary measure is in place to ensure the security and integrity of transactions, as it allows Uvodo to thoroughly review and monitor payment activities for any potential irregularities or suspicious cases.

It's worth noting that this holding period may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis, tailored to the specific circumstances of each store. Factors such as a store's history of low-risk scenarios (where the risk is minimal) and other relevant criteria may be considered when determining a shorter holding period for payments.

Store owners interested in requesting to shorten the holding period are encouraged to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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