Product updates (May)

May 2023 Updates, Improvements, Bug Fixes

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Uvodo product updates - May

✨ Introducing the May 2023 Changelog: Bug fixes, improvements, and new payment gateways!

New payment integrations

💰 We've added a selection of new payment gateways alongside our existing PayPal and Stripe integrations.

  • Flutterwave, Africa’s leading payment solution is supported in Africa, the United States, the UK, and the rest of Europe.

  • Mercado Pago, payment solution for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay countries.

  • Mamo Pay, payment solution that supports United Arab Emirates Dirham, United States Dollar, and Euro currencies.

  • Nets Easy, a payment solution that supports Danish Krone, Euro, Pound sterling, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, US Dollar, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc, and Czech Koruna currencies.

  • iyzico, a payment solution that supports US Dollar, Euro, Great British Sterling, Russian Ruble, Swiss Francs, Norwegian Krone, and Turkish Lira currencies.

  • Payriff, a payment solution that supports Azerbaijani Manat, US Dollar, and Euro currencies.

  • Epoint, a payment solution that supports Azerbaijani Manat.


🎨 Theme editor: new functionalities and editor options;

🐾 Onboarding: a checklist for newcomers to fully set up new stores;

📄 Product description: showing product weight on a single product page in the storefront;

⌛️ Product status: setting default “published” status when creating a product;

📧 Email flow: order confirmation email flow improvements;

🛒 Basket hover: showing items inside the basket when hovering on the basket;

🕐 Timezone: setting timezone automatically when creating a store based on country;

💳 Checkout: displaying total number of items on the checkout page.

Bug fixes

Fixed: unit system settings issues (unit of measure, currency);
Fixed: phone number on admin panel not showing;
Fixed: continue selling when product status is “out of stock”;
Fixed: “you might also like” section not returning correct products;
Fixed: order not showing up in customer account;
Fixed: order details in the storefront not showing up the data;
Fixed: “combination already exists” error in the product variation;
Fixed: shipping cost not showing up in orders error;
Fixed: COD payment instructions not showing up in the checkout page;
Fixed: tax rate not showing up on checkout page;
Fixed: product counts do not sync in the cart;
Fixed: API not sending the correct image IDs when deleting images in the product edit page;
Fixed: cannot uncheck "this product is variable: has different colors, size, weight, etc.”;
Fixed: cannot hide the product in the product creation page;
Fixed: API returns empty variants in the product edit page;
Fixed: total sales not showing on the dashboard.
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