Product updates (August)

August 2023 Product updates

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Uvodo product updates - August

Greetings, dear fam!πŸ€—

In August, we rolled out a significant platform update that brings you a host of exciting new features.

Now, you have the tools to sell & monetize your services effortlessly along the physical productsusing quick payment links, seamlessly process payments with Uvodo Payments, and spend your earnings through the Uvodo Card.

And, of course, we've solved bugs along the way.

Now, Uvodo is about selling products & services online, collect money, and spend with Uvodo Card.

πŸ”₯ New features

πŸ”— Sell via Link

Sell via Link allows you to create a quick payment link for your product and service, and get paid.

When you have received the payments, they will be loaded to Uvodo admin panel -> Wallet.

You can spend the available balance in Wallet with virtual Uvodo (Visa) Card.

πŸ’³ Uvodo Card

Spend the collected money with Uvodo Card. Uvodo Card is a virtual Visa card that allows you to spend your money that you've acquired with Sell via Link. Uvodo Card is freely available for all plans.

πŸ’² Uvodo Payments

Uvodo Payments is a native payment gateway to accept payments globally. To sell and accept payments with Uvodo Payments, you don't need to create a bank account.

πŸ’° Wallet

Uvodo Wallet refers to the total amount of funds that you have accumulated from customers who have purchased your products or services through Uvodo Payments. Here you can get an overview of your transactions and sales.

You can access it in Uvodo admin panel -> Wallet.

πŸ“¦ Local pickup

Local pickup is a delivery option will allow your buyers to pick up their orders.

πŸͺ²Bug fixes

Fixed: Changing the store name, results in change the store domain
Fixed: Theme Editor cannot save 2 input edits
Fixed: Theme editor -> Address, Product Pages 404 Not Found
Fixed: Banner image is not fixed size
Fixed: API returns is_primary as true for both base/custom domains when add a custom domain
Fixed: When a collection in Navigation is added, "This field is required" toast bar appears
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