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🔥October Updates: Exciting Features 🚀
🔥October Updates: Exciting Features 🚀

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Uvodo product updates - October

Hello fam! ☺️

It's time to recap some exciting updates from October.

On October, we have:

  • Integrated Uvodo Payments at checkout

  • Developed payout system

  • Built a new custom theme

  • Added mega menu to enhance customization capabilities

  • Fixed some bugs

🔥New features

💳 Uvodo Payments at checkout!

Uvodo's native payment system, Uvodo Payments, is now integrated by default at the checkout. With Uvodo Payments, you can start accepting payments online globally without having to set up a merchant account.

Learn more about Uvodo Payments.

💸 Payouts

In addition to using your virtual Uvodo Card to spend your earnings, you can now effortlessly transfer your collected payments through Uvodo Payments directly to your local bank account.

You can set up a withdrawal method, and pay out your available balance to more than 115 countries.

Access payouts by navigating to Finances -> Payout on your admin panel.

🔽 Mega menu

Mega menus are big popup menus that show lots of options you don't typically find in regular menus. They make it easier for users to pick where they want to go without going through lots of menu levels.

On your admin panel, navigate to Online Store -> Navigationto customize a menu.

🖼️ A new theme

From the unique design requests of our valued customers, we have created a custom theme..🥁

Welcome Horizon!

On your admin panel, navigate to Online Store -> Themes. Click on the three dots (···) and hit Activate to use it, or selet Edit to customize it.

🐞Bug fixes

Fixed: Not all products are displayed in the admin UI and storefront;
Fixed: 'Something went wrong' error sometimes appearing on storefront;
Fixed: Shipping status does not change in order detail page;
Fixed: The card page is not accessible on mobile device;
Fixed: CSS files are loading slow in the storefront;
Fixed: 'Back' and 'Next' buttons are not working on product page;
Fixed: Demo products can't be deleted;
Fixed: Order date doesn't show correct time in order detail page;
Fixed: Number of displayed items in the Inventory page creates loop.
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