The goal of this document is to give you a good, detailed overview of how the Uvodo Core works. By getting to know the overall Uvodo Core better, you will be more confident to extend or modify the eCommerce core. If you don't understand all of the terms right away, don't worry! Just try to get a basic grasp of how works Uvodo Core and you will extend your knowledge growing as you explore other sections of the documentation.

Request lifecycle

The entry point for all requests to a Uvodo Core is the public/index.php file. All requests are directed to this file by web server (Apache / Nginx) configuration. The index.php file doesn't have complicated content, it just contains a starting point for the Application.
The index.php file loads bootstrap/app.php, and then retrieves an instance of the Uvodo app from bootstrap/app.php. The bootstrap/app.php file loads bootstrap/autolod.php firstly then load in the order of providers from config/providers.php and bootstrappers from config/bootstrappers.php.
The app creates a container as the first step.