Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally.

How to create an ec2 server?

In this AWS tutorial, we're going to create an ec2 server. To do that at first, login to your AWS account and then click,
ec2 -> Instance -> Launch Instance
Then select a ubuntu 20.04 server
After that, click Next -> Next -> Next -> Next
And on security pages, add a rule for HTTP

Create Pem Key

After review, click Launch, and you'll get and popup for KeyPair, which will be required to login to the server using ssh.
If you already have a previous KeyPair, you can use that; otherwise, you can create a new one. After completing that, make sure you download that KeyPair.

Domain Setup

Now copy the server IP and connect it with your domain name.
Please contact your domain provider for detailed explanation of how to do that.

Login to Server

At first, login to your AWS server using ssh. to do that, go to the folder from the terminal where KeyPair is downloaded.
then click Connect
From the Connect dashboard, go to SSH Client and copy the example line and paste it to your terminal.
With this command, you will successfully connect to your server throw ssh.

Change permission for pem key

You've to change the permission downloaded .pem file to 400 to access the server. To do that, at first go to the location where .pem store then run,
chmod 400 uvodo.pem
Change the uvodo.pem filename if you use a different name during generate the key.
You can connect to your server with your credentials , we are using Termius like SSH client to connect, but you can use different SSH client ( PuTTy ).
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