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One-click installation guide for CatalystVM & video tutorial
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Step-by-step Uvodo one-click installation guide

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    Start off by visiting
Select and configure a package to your liking. Here are the CatalystVM packages.
Make sure to use code "UVODO" at checkout for 10% off your first month!
2. Once you have purchased your machine head over to your client-area. On the client area you can either access your machine by clicking manage on your server that falls under the "Your Active Products/Services" tab.
2a. Or you may access it by clicking on the left side bar option that says "My Cloud", from there you'll click "My Services".
3. Once you've arrived on the server-management page, you should see a row of buttons. One of them will say "Reinstall" with a CD icon.
When you click that button, a popup will appear.
4. Click on the drop-down section that is underneath the "Application" text on the opened popup:
5. Once you have the drop-down open, find Uvodo 2.0 which should be all the way at the bottom.
6. Here, you will want to fill out every one of the options that appears after clicking "Uvodo 2.0".
It is very important that you make sure to fill in all fields and follow common formatting for the things like email addresses.
7. Once you've finished filling out the form, hit the reinstall button.
Feel free to sit back and wait as this will take about 10 minutes if everything was filled in properly.
Once 10 or so minutes have surpassed, refresh your website regularly until the Uvodo page loads.

One-click installation CatalystVM | Video tutorial