Update Uvodo

Learn how to update Uvodo
We are trying to send new updates in every 2 weeks. Currently, the update flow is available only with the command line. In next upd,ates it will be possible to update Uvodo via Dashboard.
Here are the steps:

1. Upload the zip

Firstly you have to upload your Uvodo zip to your server. You can get the zip from CodeCanyon. You can upload the zip to /var/www/html folder as below image :

2. Update the command

Now, go to your Uvodo project, and run the below command:
composer uvodo:update -- --source=../
In there, source parameter is your zip location
After the enter, the command will ask you for composer to continue as root, you can say: yes
If you update the new version, then you will see this screen :
if it is the same version, it will ask that the Application is already on the version same, do you want to continue? Again you can say: yes
In the next step, the command will ask for temporary installation to run composer as root, you can say: yes
In the next step, the command will ask for migration, you can say here: NO
If you have extra custom plugins , the command can ask to install them again , therefore there will be again to run composer as root , you can say: yes

3. Manual migration

In this step, you have to run the below command under /var/www/html/ to update the database :
php bin/console orm:schema-tool:update --force

4. Permissions

Just give permission to /var/www/html/ :
chown -R www-data:www-data .
chmod -R 700 .
That's it. Uvodo update finished.
If you have any questions, you can ask from our Discord channel. We will be happy to help you