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Manage plugins

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Plugins overview

Plugin is a piece software that plugs into Uvodo. Plugins are built to extend the core functionality of Uvodo.
On this page, you can update, activate, and deactivate plugins, and add new plugins.
If you click on the arrow on the left, you can see the details of plugins:
If you click on the three dots icon ··· , you can activate/deactivate a plugin:

Add new plugin

To add a new plugin, click on the "+ Add plugin" button:
Here, drag and drop, or click to browse the plugin (.zip file).
Then, click on the "Install plugin" button:
After the successful installation, you can activate it by clicking on the "Activate plugin" button.
Or, you can return to the Plugins page and activate the installed plugin later.
If there's an error occurred, you can contact the support team ([email protected]) to get help
If you installed, say, a payment plugin, you should see it in the related page which is Settings -> Payments.
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Table of contents
Plugins overview
Add new plugin