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Learn how to download and connect Buy on WhatsApp plugin
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What is Buy on WhatsApp plugin?

Buy on WhatsApp plugin allows your customers to purchase a product over WhatsApp without preceding the online checkout process.

How does Buy on WhatsApp plugin works?

Once you've installed the plugin and connected to your online store, the "Buy on WhatsApp" button is placed in your checkout page.
After your customers add the product to their basket and head to checkout page, they are given the option to communicate with you via WhatsApp and proceed buying the product without online payment gateways.

Download Buy on WhatsApp plugin

You can either download the plugin from the Plugin Marketplace (Uvodo dashboard) or from CodeCanyon.
Here, you can download the Buy on WhatsApp plugin from CodeCanyon:

Add Buy on WhatsApp plugin to Uvodo

Click on the "+ Add plugin" button:
Buy on WhatsApp button
Then, drop the downloaded Buy on WhatsApp .zip plugin, or click to browse it, and click "Install plugin" button:
Buy on WhatsApp button
Here, you should see the success message.
If any error occurred, drop an email to [email protected]
After the successful installation, go to the plugins page, and click on the three dots, and activate the Buy on WhatsApp plugin:
Buy on WhatsApp button

Add your WhatsApp number and message text and customize the style

Click on the wrench icon:
Buy on WhatsApp button

Buy on WhatsApp button style

You can tick the style option you want to see in your checkout page:
Buy on WhatsApp button

Buy on WhatsApp button text

You can also check the text on the button:
Buy on WhatsApp button

Add WhatsApp number and message

The next step is adding your WhatsApp number and message.
Here, you should input your WhatsApp number which you want to receive messages:
Buy on WhatsApp button
The WhatsApp message is the text that customers send you when they click on the "Buy on WhatsApp" button.
[product_link] variable will send the customers the product link page that they click on the button. Keeping the [product_link] variable is optional.
Buy on WhatsApp button

Change the button position

You can change the position of Buy on WhatsApp button from the dropdown menu:
Buy on WhatsApp button
Congratulations, now you can receive the messages via WhatsApp, and customers can proceed the purchase on WhatsApp! 🥳
To get more info about the plugin development, contact support, and access the Git Source, click on the > icon:
Buy on WhatsApp button
Here is how the Buy on WhatsApp button appears on the storefront: