Database Queue

Activate Database Queue plugin for your online store
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What is Uvodo Database Queue plugin?

While building your web application, you may have some tasks, such as parsing and storing an uploaded CSV file that take too long to perform during a typical web request. Uvodo's Database Queue plugin allows you to easily create queued jobs that may be processed in the background. By moving time intensive tasks to a queue, your application can respond to web requests with blazing speed and provide a better user experience to your customers. Uvodo supports different queue drivers.
Database queue is queue driver which is one of Uvodo's supported drivers (File based, Amazon SQS). After that enqueue table created by Uvodo Core, you can test command - php bin/console queue:consume.
This command has to be run in background, we recommend to use supervisor.
Here you can get more information how to install and how to use supervisor:

How to set up Database Queue plugin?

In order to use the Database Queue plugin, you just need to activate the plugin.
The Database Queue plugin comes with the installation, so you don't need to purchase any plugin.
To activate Database Queue, click on the three dots icon, and click on the "Activate plugin" button:
Database Queue
Done! 🥳
To get more information about the plugin, click on the >icon:
Database Queue