Uvodo marketplace to add plugins to your store
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What is Uvodo marketplace?

Uvodo marketplace is an eCommerce tool that allows merchants to download plugins needed for their online stores.
Here, you can filter the type of plugins:
Uvodo marketplace
You can also see the pricing for each:
Uvodo marketplace

How to add plugin from Uvodo marketplace?

Free plugins are downloaded from GitHub while paid plugins are downloaded codecanyon.

Download free Uvodo plugins from GitHub

Say, you want to add PayPal payment gateway to your online store.
Click the + Add button.
Uvodo marketplace
Once you click on the + Add button, you're directed to GitHub page where you can download the plugin.
Here, click on the download icon, and select the .zip file option.
Uvodo marketplace
After the .zip file is downloaded, go back to the Uvodo dashboard -> Plugins, or Uvodo dashboard -> Marketplace.
Here, click on the + Add plugin button.
Uvodo marketplace
Then, drop the downloaded .zip plugin, or click to browse it, and click "Install plugin" button:
Uvodo marketplace
Here, you should see the success message.
If any error occurred, drop an email to [email protected]
After the successful installation, go to the plugins page, and click on the three dots, and activate the plugin:
Uvodo marketplace
To set up & configure the installed plugin (i.e., if it's a payment plugin, you need to add secret key and other account credentials to finalize the settings), click on the wrench icon:
Uvodo marketplace
Here, you can see the full list of free & paid plugins available to add to Uvodo: