Download and connect iyzico payment gateway
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What is iyzico?

iyzico is a payment receipt system management platform that offers ePayment solutions.
iyzico’s Protected Bank Transfer allows your customers to make payment by 3 banks while you manage all transactions on a single panel and offer them the privileges of iyzico Buyer protection without paying any extra fee.
iyzico allows you to get paid and sell with instalments anywhere in the world easily.

Download iyzico

Here, you can download the iyzico payment plugin from codecanyon:

Add iyzico plugin to Uvodo

Click on the "+ Add plugin" button:
Then, drop the downloaded iyzico .zip plugin, or click to browse it, and click "Install plugin" button:
Here, you should see the success message.
If any error occurred, drop an email to [email protected]
After the successful installation, go to the plugins page, and click on the three dots, and activate the iyzico plugin:
Then, click on the small icon to go the plugin settings page to add credentials to integrate the payment gateway to your online store:
Here, you should add Public key and Secret key that you have in your iyzico account. Then, click on the "Save changes" button:
Congratulations, now you can accept payments with iyzico! 🥳
To get more info about the plugin development, click on the > icon:
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