Create and manage products

Table of contents

Products page

It's the page where your published, draft, and hidden products appear.
Here, you can search a specific product or sort, bulk select and delete or hide products, and add new products.

Add new products

To add a new product, click on the "Create product" button:

Add title & description

Choose a specific title and write a short description for your product.
Feel free to use text formats on the toolbar to increase the readability.

Add media files

Next add media files for the product.
You can add images by drag & drop or clicking on the media window itself:
Or, you can also add image from URL:
For this, copy & paste an image URL to the input box and click on the "Add image" button:

Set prices

Here you write the price and sale price if applicable.

Add inventory, quantity, SKU, Barcode

  • Inventory is the number of units of a product that a business has in stock.
  • SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, which is the code used to identify each item in an inventory.
  • Barcodes are a type of machine-readable optical label that contain information about the item to which they are attached. Barcodes are used in POS systems, warehouses, inventory management systems, or any other database that necessitates inventory data collection and storage.
Here, you write the SKU and barcode if applicable.
Then, you write down the available quantity for the product for related warehouse (locations).
If it's left 0, it will show "out of stock" status.

Set product variations

If your product is variable, check the box to add product attributes and values.
When you tick the box, other sections (pricing, inventory, and quantity) are hidden to better user experience.
To add values for each attribute option, write the values and click "Enter". As you enter the values, the price, SKU, barcode, and quantity option for each appear below, in the "Variants" section:
You can also add images for each variation by clicking on the "upload" icon, and delete (also, restore if deleted) or edit them:
You can add as many options as you want. For this, click on the "Add option" hyper text.
As you write down values, they also appear beside each of the attributes from the previous option on the "Variants" section:
set product variations attributes

Edit SEO meta description, URL handle, and page title

To preview SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and edit the SEO meta description, URL handle, and page title, click on the "Edit website SEO" button:
Add meta description, meta title and slug.
After you fill the input boxes - you'll be able to see the SERP preview:

Product status, collections, tags

The right section of the single product page is where you set the product status, add the product to the collection(s) and create tag(s):
If the product has one variation (that you don't click on the tick box for the product is variable), you'll be able to add the Shipping information (weight, package, and tax) on the right side of the page: