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A product collection is a group of products that are related in some way.
Product collections are a way to organize products on your site in a logical and user-friendly way.
Product collections are often used to group similar products together. They allow shoppers to browse through different categories of items. This is especially handy when they are looking for something specific or want to explore a particular product.
Collections can also be used as an advertising tool, by grouping the newest or most popular items together.
Product collections help shoppers find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently.

Manage Collections

On this page, you can see your draft and published collections, their URL handles (slugs), and how many products (Items) are included to the collection.
Here, you can search a specific collection or sort, bulk select and delete collections, and add a new collection:

Create product collections

To create a new product collection, click on the "Create Collections" button:

Collection title & description

Write collection title and description.
⚠️ Displaying the description in the storefront will be possible in the upcoming updates.

Collection media

Next add media files for the the collection.
The added media file will be used in the single collection page banner and home page of the storefront.
You can add images by drag & drop or clicking on the media window itself.
Or, you can also add image from URL:
For this, copy & paste an image URL to the input box and click on the "Add image" button:
⚠️ In this version, the same media file will be used in the collection banner (cropped and resized) and the homepage of the storefront. It is recommended to choose an image that will look good both on the homepage and banner. If you set a media file as default, it will will override other added media files in case you add. Overall, the media section will be improved in the next updates.
This is the case:
product collections & categories
You can set a media file as default by clicking on the three dots:

Edit SEO meta description, URL handle, and page title

To preview SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and edit the SEO meta description, URL handle, and page title, click on the "Edit website SEO" button:
Add meta description, meta title and slug.
After you fill the input boxes - you'll be able to see the SERP preview:

Collection status & type

You can set the status and collection type from the right side of the page:

Collection status

You can set the collection as published or draft by choosing from the dropdown menu:

Collection type

You can set the type as manual or automated.
In the manual type, you'll choose this created collection as manual while creating product.
In the automated type, this collection will be added to all the created products automatically.
⚠️ Choosing the Automated type will be available in the next updates.