Geo zones

Geo zones for shipping and tax rules
Settings -> Geo zones

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What are the geo zones?

Geo zones are created by seller for a country or a group of countries that shipping is available and for calculating tax rates.
You will use the created geo zones while creating shipping profiles and tax classes. After creating tax classes, you'll create tax rates where you will need to add geo zones.
You can edit or delete the geo zones by clicking on the three dots icon ···, and add new geo zone by clicking on the "Create geo zone" button:

Create geo zones

Once you click on the "Create geo zone" button, a window pops up. Here, you can give a title to the zone, and add countries by writing the names.
Then click the "save" button.

Deleting geo zones

❗️​Note: if the geo zone you want to delete is currently used in any shipping profile or tax class, if deleted, those shipping profile and tax class will no longer work.
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