Learn how to manage the places you stock, fulfill, and sell products.
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What is Locations?

Uvodo's "Locations" settings refers to a feature that allows merchants to manage the physical locations where they stock, fulfill, and sell their products. This feature typically includes the ability to add and edit location information, such as the location's name, address, and contact information, and assign different warehouse or fulfillment centers to each location..
Additionally, merchants can set specific inventory levels for each location and often have a default location option for orders and inventory management.
By having accurate information about their physical locations, merchants can more easily manage their shipping and fulfillment operations. For example, they can set different shipping rates and options for different locations, or assign specific fulfillment centers to handle orders from certain areas.

How to create a location?

To create a location, go to the Settings and click on the Locations:
Shipping locations
Here, click on the Add location button:
Shipping locations
On the opened popup window, write the location details, then click the Save button:
Shipping locations
From the Shipping settings, you can add locations to shipping profiles:
Shipping locations
For your convenience, you can choose a "default location" option that allows you to choose a primary location for your business. This location will be used as the default for all your orders and inventory management.
To make a location default, click on the three dots and hit the make default button:
Shipping locations
A default location will appear on the Inventory with added products:
Shipping locations